Sport Field Lighting

EVM Electric provides field lighting systems that are unique to each sports venue.

Our team is experienced in sports field lighting and ready to take on any stadium lighting or arena lighting challenge. We have the experience to customize and create the optimal playing and viewing conditions for athletes as well as audiences.

Providing sports field lighting service expertise, EVM Electric will help you with answers regarding:

  • How much light will be needed?
  • Should LED be considered?
  • How can project costs be reduced?

We’ll help you find solutions to any arena lighting challenges that come up. Whether you’re in need of a pathway lighting contractor, baseball field lighting for a new stadium or an upgrade on your existing field lighting system, EVM Electric will complete the job to your total satisfaction.

Expert Sports Field Lighting Planning & Design:

Every sporting arena requires proper lighting. Poor quality lighting not only makes it hard for viewers to follow along during important moments of a sporting game but also makes it difficult for those competing. EVM Electric plans out every aspect of the lighting system to make sure our design is perfectly matched to your needs. Our licensed engineers deliver a custom sports field lighting design to meet the highest standards and provide a flawless installation.

Professional Sports Field Lighting Installation:

We are experts in both indoor and outdoor sports lighting systems and we work with you to design the right system for your arena. A quality system extends the hours of operation and prevents any unnecessary delays due to visibility. No disappointed fans or disruptions in scheduling. Our lighting systems ensure that any sporting event, be it soccer, football, baseball, softball or tennis remains fully functional well past sundown. Our professional field lighting contractors work efficiently to get your job done right and guarantee a quality installation regardless of soil conditions.

Quality Sports Field Lighting Testing:

No project is complete until you are satisfied. That is why we test all our installed equipment to make sure everything works together seamlessly. Your lighting is only as successful as it is reliable, so our quality assurance takes care of any possible issues before they ever arise.

Contact EVM Electric to deliver the field lighting system you want, including: sports lights, scoreboards, sound systems and high voltage electrical systems. In short, everything you need to bring your sports arena to life! We are happy to work with you to install the perfect system under most soil conditions.
EVM Electric offers unrivalled quality and uncompromised safety when taking on your next electrical project.
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