Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Lighting upgrades and updated lighting systems provide numerous benefits for businesses as well as building owners, while also being one of the easier and faster ways to improve overall energy efficiency, as well as realize several other benefits. The primary goal of lighting upgrades is to switch to a more energy efficient lighting system to reduce the overall electrical demand. This will lead to lower operating costs, but also has the possibility to reduce ongoing maintenance costs, depending on the systems installed.

During upgrades to a lighting system, EVM Electric’s lighting experts will utilize several strategies to create an efficient and effective system. Utilizing controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight-dimming ballasts, as well as energy management systems, are just a few of the several components that EVM Electric may use in your lighting upgrade project.
Other positive impacts lighting upgrades can have include:
  • Safer working environment through enhanced light quality 
  • Boost to employee productivity 
  • Smaller carbon footprint for your business 
  • Slight reduction in cooling costs if LED lighting is used (reducing heat of lights)
EVM Electric offers unrivalled quality and uncompromised safety when taking on your next electrical project.
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