Infrared Scanning

Infrared Scanning Services

Infrared scanning of electrical systems is one of the most cost-effective solutions for early detection of loose and defective components, damaged switchgear, and faulty wiring. Using infrared scanning means finding hot wires and components quickly, allowing for a quick de-escalation of dangerous situations.

Infrared electrical scanning will clearly show components and wires that are producing excessive heat. These problem areas are quickly identified as a ‘hot-spot’ on the infrared scanning device and can be quickly repaired before a component fails or is damaged to the point of a productivity loss.
EVM Electric’s team of experienced and licensed electricians will inspect for any damage or faulty components and replace or repair them before any major failure occurs. This means maintaining productivity of your facility, while protecting your personnel from electrical and fire hazards.
EVM Electric offers unrivalled quality and uncompromised safety when taking on your next electrical project.
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