Commissioning, Maintenance, and 24/7 Support

EVM Electric is here to solve your electrical or controls problem.


EVM Electric’s team of controls experts will work to ensure that your systems and equipment are installed and working as desired. Providing on-site commissioning and support, every project matters to the EVM team so start-ups are managed to go as smoothly as possible.

Electrical Maintenance

Harsh conditions, overloaded systems and excessive duty cycling can all accelerate the deterioration of your equipment. Limit the extra expenses, disruptions and lost profits that can result from production shutdowns and unnecessary equipment replacements.

EVM Electric offers preventative maintenance programs that can help you avoid unplanned downtime and extend the lifecycle of your assets.

Contact us today regarding the EVM Maintenance package that best suits your needs.

24/7 Support

We provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

EVM licensed electricians are troubleshooting experts. If you have a breakdown or something isn’t working the way it should, contact EVM to quickly solve your electrical or controls problem.

EVM Electric offers unrivalled quality and uncompromised safety when taking on your next electrical project.
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